Ben Howard “Only Love”

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  1. andrandomstuff says:

    Absolute? badman

  2. SuperFuzzyNips says:

    I imagine when he plays this live this is listed as “The Panty Dropper” on the? setlist.

  3. FeliCityLights says:

    hello id love for people to have a listen to my song, might be your cup of tea. ‘Felicitylights-limits’ im trying to persue music, and this is just a step in that. One i cant really? miss out so i need your help, comment its my first original song and youtube video, not the best quality but good enough for a first i think, leave a comment please, abit of constructive? criticism would be appreciated.x

  4. Undecided300 says:

    just, WOW, what a BM, so happy my friends introduced him? to me, just a beautiful voice, and that guitar playing, BRILLIANT!

  5. Kiziieeex says:

    I love the little faces he pulls? ;3 x

  6. Spanish4Point4 says:

    is that? a guitar?

  7. AZOF69 says:

    I know people say on loads of videos ‘THIS IS MUSIC’ but this actually is, to have a knowledge of keys, tunings and being able to write a song in? such a way and with that style of playing as well, incredible. The voice just tops it off.

  8. Katsmel says:

    so? beautiful.. it makes me cry, that voice is hypnotizing and so much soul… its amazing

  9. xPacey says:

    its so? effortless, raw and talented

  10. pauline603 says:

    I absolutely? love this song

  11. 12yan13erry says:

    i want to know? how full his tip jar is..

  12. SirChristusWife says:

    Love? it!

  13. QuietCs says:

    @ghgi81 A# ;-)?

  14. scottfreeability says:

    ur fuckin angelic dude……. i can feeeeeeeel? your music……. an its real…..thank you bro.

  15. audirs6freak says:

    Has a? bit of Jose Gonzalez feel

  16. JBJabbles2 says:

    The atmosphere of this song makes me relive at once all of the most romantic moments and fantasies I’ve ever had in my life. It’s music like this that reminds you what makes life worth living. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.?

  17. butterflymetalmark says:

    I especially love the way this piece starts… the guitar almost sounds like? a ukulele played on the beach in the happy days of summer love. Beautiful Mr.Howard.

  18. pocallaghan9 says:

    I dont know? who you are sir but I like your music

  19. stevo111steven says:

    God,? thankyou for giving me fucking awesome taste in music

  20. ghgi81 says:

    Look at that E? string vibrate… That must be tuned so low :’)

  21. verohero15 says:

    Oh my gosh the first song of his that I look up..his voice is? beautiful

  22. superwoutos says:

    You’ve just inspired me to continue playing? and practicing my guitar. Thanks for that, Ben!

  23. kwilson2292 says:

    I can’t believe how perfect? this is

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