Cielito Lindo

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  1. S052392 says:

    he is sooooo cute jajaja

  2. S052392 says:


  3. ibuprofano says:

    nice dude!!
    Que bueno que no la cantaste, es mejor asi!!
    nice job!! its good that unitedstadian take our culture as we !!!

  4. panxiscajaviera says:

    yo la voi a vailar

  5. homuserrantis says:


  6. JaymzBoiy says:

    I know you get this all the time, but Thank You

  7. ELTERRlBLE says:


  8. maniny8 says:

    IS IN C
    Viva Tulyehualco

  9. fer656565 says:

    danke die song ist very gut

  10. deathslice60 says:

    wow nice :)

  11. lacarmen1000 says:

    ni de puta coña chaval

  12. elena69164 says:


  13. putritmetal says:

    rifado compa felicidades

  14. ChrisTheChremo says:

    Thank you. Thank you thank you. A thousand times over, thank you.

  15. xwess says:

    buen video…xD..

  16. RAQqUeLiNA says:

    jaja lo has intentado pero no hijo…

  17. agcz347 says:

    this is difrent from what i learn in marichi class

  18. europadova says:

    very very good man!!! I don’t play but whit this it’s very simple to start play… tanks

  19. RockBrent says:

    Thank you so so much.
    Now I have something to play when my grandparents from mexico come over for new years.

  20. ramataify says:

    great lesson I’m glad I found your site thank you

  21. XDeNova says:

    @ethel3456 Que putas te importa de donde soy.

  22. TheThekikenski says:

    viva mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. eljirogabriel says:

    very good job thank you

  24. EmmaPulido510 says:

    hay hay hayay canta y no llores por que cantando se alegra cielito lindo hayhayhayhay

  25. ToxikThrashard218 says:

    Thank You!

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